Lipogems is an innovative and next generation regenerative cell technology that is used to harvest, concentrate, and transfer a patient’s own fat for the repair, reconstruction, or replacement of injured or damaged tissue.

Mesenchymal (MSC) stem cell injections are being used to accelerate healing, and decrease pain in moderate to severe osteoarthritis and for acute injuries. The theoretical benefit of MSC over PRP is that you are getting a much higher concentration of growth factors and more anti-inflammatory potential.
The process of obtaining these powerful regenerative cells is similar to PRP which also requires 2 steps:

  • Part one requires your doctor to aspirate your bone marrow or to perform a mini liposuction procedure to get fat. Both can be done as an office procedure under local anesthesia.
  • Part two involves concentrating the cells using special centrifuge equipment and then injecting the acquired MSC into the desired area. In order to optimize the healing and pain reduction potential, MSC can be combined with PRP.

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