Surgery Information

Preoperative Procedure

In preparation for your surgery there are several steps to be taken and factors to be considered.

A. Preoperative Testing

All surgeries require standard pre-operative testing which includes CBC, cardiac studies, and medical clearance. The need for additional tests will be determined based on your age, medical history, heredity and any pre-existing conditions.

If your surgery requires an overnight stay at the Hospital for Sepcial Surgery, you will need to have all your pre-op testing done with an Internist from HSS, who will then clear you for surgery.

If your surgery does not require an overnight stay, you may have your own Internist perform the various tests. We will mail or fax the prescription to you. Please be advised, according to NYS law, your lab work must be done within 14 days preceding your surgery.

You must fax the lab results to our office 2 days prior to your surgery. If we do no have your lab results at that time, we will need to cancel your surgery.

B. Schedule Your Postoperative Visits

It is standard for you to visit the office postoperatively. Based on your procedure, we will determine the intervals at which you should come in. Routinely, the postopertive check up is 2 weeks after the operation.

C. Two Days Before Your Surgery

Please contact the surgical coordinator to confirm receipt of your lab work, and ensure that all your paperwork is in order.

D. One Day Before Your Surgery

One business day prior to your surgery, a nurse from HSS will contact you between 2:00PM and 6:00PM. The nurse will give you preoperative instructions. The nurse will also notify you as to where you need to report and at what time.

Our office has no control over the time of your surgery, as this is decided by the HSS surgical coordinator the day before your surgery. You will be notified by HSS the same time that our office is notified.

E. The Day of Your Surgery

You are required to arrive 2 hours before your scheduled time for the procedure. Before the operation, you will have the opportunity to speak with Dr. O’Malley to answer any additional questions you may have.

F. Anesthesia

On the day of your surgery you will have the opportunity to meet with our anesthesiologist, who will evaluate you, explain your anesthesia and answer your questions.

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COVID-19 Update

Our office is now offering telemedicine appointments, which are covered by most insurance carriers. These include follow up sessions for our existing patients, as well as new patient consultations. We can advise and order tests if necessary, such as X-rays or MRI’s, and review previous imaging when emailed or mailed to our office. Please contact us at 212-203-0740