Dear Dr. O’Malley,

Thanks for putting me back together! 7 months post-op LisFranc repair – All around Champion 2016

Dani W.

“Your surgical wizardry has enabled me to walk so much better. You have greatly enhanced my quality of life. Thank you for your understanding, kin, gracious ‘can do’ attitude. You are a real life hero.”

Karen R

“What a terrific doctor and man. My malformed foot looks and feels normal. Next year the other foot.”

Sue M

“One of the best! Did a great job on my ankle.”

James S

“He did a good job on both of my feet. Money can’t repay the comfort that I’m enjoying now especially when I’m wearing shoes and even just walking with flat sandals. Thanks doctor.”

Janet A

“Exceptional! Thanks you for giving me back my ‘happy feet’.”

Mindy H

“Excellent doctor. My foot and ankle are almost perfect thanks to him.”

Vivian R

“Thank you! When I was a little girl I wore special shoes to help me walk. My mom said I always looked like I was walking on eggs. You operated on my left foot and now I can go up on my (left) toes and balance myself. Next year my right foot. Thanks again!!”

“He’s one of a kind always smiling laughing, a pleasure to be around, always makes me feel confident. He explains everything – he’s great.”

James S

“Thank you for your concern, compassion and ongoing medical treatment.”

Constance M

“Thank you for making an ongoing difference in the quality of my life.”

Karen R

“Dr O’Malley has been a very caring wonderful doctor. What he has done for my feet and is still doing is just fantastic. God bless him.”

Carolyn H

“Dr Martin O’Malley reconstructed my left foot – this allowed me to go back to the classroom and walk without pain.”

Kathleen H

“Wishing you the most wonderful happy life. A great doctor and good person.”

Bette H

“My foot is great! Still going to the gym every day. My heel must have 100,000 miles in it. All the best!”

Sandra G

“Without Dr O’Malley I would not be going to a soccer game tonight  I’m so grateful.”

Margaret T

“It is such a joy to have an ANKLE to walk on! I can run and play with my grandchildren! You are my doctor for life! Thank you and god bless you.”

Norma M

“Words cannot express how lucky I was to find you. When I tell people that I’ve had an ankle replacement they cannot believe it. You are truly a fantastic doctor. I am a very happy person!”

Laurence D

“My experience at HSS proved to me that there is no other hospital to go to when surgery is necessary. Dr Martin O’Malley had to perform surgery on my foot after experiencing continual pain following surgery by a different doctor at a different hospital. Dr O’Malley is a caring professional.”

Cheryl F

“Dr O’Malley performed a MP fusion on my foot. Within a week, I had less pain from that foot than I’d had in at least a year. And now, five months later, I am a new person walking as much as I want to with total abandon. There is just no surpassing the quality of care from Dr O’Malley and HSS.”

Melinda M

“It’s been 18 months since my operation and I am now dancing with the my wife and walking the dog pain free.”

Steve H